TSEPThe Search Engine Project (non-profit, open source search engine)
TSEPTrans-Saharan Elections Project (University of Florida)
TSEPTactical Signal Exploitation Program
TSEPTraditional Systems Engineering Process
TSEPTelecommunications System Engineering Plan
TSEPTemperature Statistical Envelope Package
TSEPTeachers' Summer Employment Program
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(20) While such legislation were perceived as "a movement toward depoliticization of bank lending and the rise of the regulatory state in monetary and financial governance" (21), it did not necessarily imply the separation of the political and the economic as proclaimed by the advocates of the TSEP. (22) Indeed, it has been conceded that while "BRSA failed to demonstrate its bureaucratic autonomy from private banking interests", the regulatory arrangements were rather functional in facilitating the "penetration of international bank capital into the developing country banking sector through mergers and acquisitions." (23)
When immunomodulatory drugs were evaluated for TSEP abnormality no significant difference was determined during the 2-year follow-up (Figure 9).
The current estimation methods of JT are based on the measurement and analysis of thermal sensitive electrical parameters (TSEPs).
Algorithm 2.1: [MR.sup.3] for tsep: Compute selected eigenpairs of a symmetric tridiagonal T.
Hence, we have decided to launch TSEP in Hyderabad." Nakagawa said the company was planning to conduct the programme in 150 schools this year.
The board heard oral arguments from the NRC, TSEP and Exelon about the safety and environmental concerns during a two-day hearing in March.
/a ~ [a.sup.?]/ /u ~ [u.sup.?]/ tap 'you have' tsuk 'mouse' ka'p 'scorpion' ju'k 'owl' /ii ~ [I.sup.?]i/ /uu ~ [u.sup.?]u/ kiix 'woman' puuy 's eat pi'ix 'tail' pu'uy 'table' /[u.sup.?] ~ [u.sup.?]u/ /aaj ~ [a.sup.?]a/ pu'ts 'yellow' paajk 'bone' pu'uts 'infection' pa'ak 'sweet" /a ~ [a.sup.?]/ /e ~ [e.sup.?]/ tap mek 'strong' ka'p met 'mother-in-law' /ii ~ [I.sup.?]i/ /e ~ [e.sup.?]e/ kiix tsep 'plant name' pi'ix tsep 'plant getting cut' /[u.sup.?] ~ [u.sup.?]u/ /ee ~ [e.sup.?]e/ pu'ts keepy 'type of fish' pu'uts ke 'eky 'he went/left' [FIGURE 27 OMITTED]
Maxillary central incisor brackets (Edgewise system--Morelli, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil) were bonded in the most central area of the middle third of the bovine incisor buccal surface (Figure 1F) with the two different orthodontic light-polymerized fluoridated resins (Table 1): Transbond[TM] Plus Color Change (G1) using a one-step self-etching primer adhesive (TSEP; 3M Unitek, Monrovia, California, USA) and Orthodontic Fill Magic (G2) with a conventional acid-etch technique consisting of two steps (Vigodent[R], Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil).
*/ts h/ (pisi) tsi ts h i: 'uno' ts'ixo ts iri ts h iri 'nube' */c h/ (pexe) tsep c h ep 'tres' (--) cic- c h ic-s 'llevar' tsutsuna tsaatsuna c h uni 'bueno' sindzis ts in i s h i c h ins 'cama' */c h/ tsuxnia tsuk c h uki 'ojo' tsiri tseri c h eri 'barriga' tsux tsox h c h oxi 'gota'
Seeds of PSR23 contained about 30% oil when plants were grown in the Willamette Valley of Oregon (Knapp and Crane, 2000a), a location whose average daily air temperature during September (Tsep), the presumed time of seed-fill, is 16.4[degrees]C.
Most recently in May 2001 a new programme, known as 'Turkey's Program for Transition to a Strong Economy' (TSEP), was introduced with the explicit objective of '...
Consequently, there are articles on Kornei Chukovskii's work on Nikolai Nekrasov over the decades, from the pre Revolutionary era to 1952, Sigizmund Krzhizhanovskii's novel Vozvrashchenie Miunkhgauzena (1927), Mikhail Slonimskii's novel Srednii prospekt (1927), Aleksandr Grin's novel Zolotaia tsep' (1925), the autobiographical fiction of Tsvetaeva's daughter Ariadna Efron, village prose', in particular Vasilii Belov's Lad (1979-81), and Lidiia Chukovskaia's Sofia Petrovna (1965).