TSERTargeted Socio-Economic Research (EU)
TSERTrans Student Equality Resources
TSERTom Swift's Electric Rifle (stun gun)
TSERTargeted Socio-Economic Research Programme (EU)
TSERTest Suite Execution Record (International Business Machines Corporation)
TSERThymidylate Synthase Enhancer Region
TSERTwo-Stage Entity-Relationship (data modeling)
TSERTotal Solar Energy Rejected
TSERTrigeminal Somatosensory Evoked Response (neurology)
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Anecdotal input from fishermen and the recommendations of a 25-member working group of commercial and recreational fishermen, divers, conservationists, scientists, concerned citizens, and representatives from government agencies led to the creation of the Tortugas South Ecological Reserve (TSER), a research-only marine reserve, in 2001 to protect the overexploited population of mutton snapper.
Her family has even given drummer Tser Htoo his first drum kit -- after 20 years of practicing at home on piles of books.
Estructura morfologica y ejemplos del imperfecto medio RADICAL sufijo -r (i) yar 'se bebe, se bebia (algo)' MEDIO + tser 'se canta, se cantaba' (i) nar 'se come, se comia (algo)' inir 'se juega, se jugaba' 2.4.
Other reports have also implicated a number of other SNPs in genes of the folate metabolism pathway, including MDR1, ABCB1, RFC, ATIC, TS enhance region (TSER), adenosine monophosphate demaniase (AMPDA) and inosine triphosphat pyrophosphate (ITPA) (12-16).
(1999), "Competencies, R&D Collaboration and Innovation under Different Technological Regimes," TSER workshop, in Kleinknecht, A.
Unpublished paper presented at the final workshop of the TSER Network "Innovation R&D and Productivity," March, Brussels, Belgium.
(1997): "Multinational Firms, Technology and Economic Activity: An Agenda for Research", presentado en TSER Workshop, junio, Roma.
* El desarrollo de este articulo se realiza tomando como antecedente una parte de la investigacion realizada por la autora para su tesis doctoral en un proyecto de investigacion internacional de la Union Europea denominado Education Governance and Social Inclusion and Exclusion in Europe (en adelante, EGSIE), dentro del proyecto TSER (Targeted Socio-Economic Research) de la Direccion General XII (Ciencia, Tecnologia y Desarrollo), financiado por la Union Europea.
Influence of combined Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) and thymidylate synthase enhancer region (TSER) polymorphisms to plasma homocysteine levels in Korean patients with recurrent spontaneous abortion.
Este proyecto fue financiado por el programa TSER de la Comision Europea, comenzo en noviembre de 1998 y finalizo en abril de 2001.
URBEX [research project "The Spatial Dimensions of Urban Social Exclusion and Integration: A European Comparison"] (European Union, 4th framework programme on Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER)), University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences; available on-line from http:// www2.fmg.uva.nl/urbex/resrep/r15_london.pdf
Having been the coordinator of a TSER project myself, the bringing together of a coherent research study across several nations is not an easy task and this book tends to be slightly disjointed in its approach, with contributions from so many authors on the same research question.