TSERTargeted Socio-Economic Research (EU)
TSERTrans Student Equality Resources
TSERTom Swift's Electric Rifle (stun gun)
TSERTargeted Socio-Economic Research Programme (EU)
TSERTest Suite Execution Record (International Business Machines Corporation)
TSERThymidylate Synthase Enhancer Region
TSERTwo-Stage Entity-Relationship (data modeling)
TSERTotal Solar Energy Rejected
TSERTrigeminal Somatosensory Evoked Response (neurology)
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Since the inception of the TSER and the protection of the aggregation of mutton snapper at Riley's Hump, increased numbers of mutton snapper have been seen in visual surveys at Riley's Hump, at downstream locations along the Florida Keys reef tract (Ault et al.
2], marks the western extent of the south Florida reef tract and lies entirely within the TSER (Fig.
Proyecto MERITUM, 2002, Directrices para la gestion y difusion de informacion sobre intangibles, programa TSER financiado por la Union Europea.
The TSER research project that I led also found a similar result for the development of technology transfer instruments between universities and industry - that whilst good practice can be transferred, the most important consideration is the organizational state of the university and how this links into the industrial and entrepreneurial base of the region.
Regional Technology Policies in Europe: A Reflection on TSER Research Projects, 1998-2000, and Where to go From There".
Her on-going work is a TSER project for the European Union which compares national innovation systems and innovative performance in biotechnology and telecommunication in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland and she is preparing her next book for publication, entitled: 'Room for Manoeuvre.
To evaluate the TSER population as a recruitment source, we genotyped mutton snapper from the Dry Tortugas, southeast Florida, and from three locations across the Caribbean at eight microsatellite loci.
Report based on the preliminary conclusions from several projects under the TSER programme.
Helping members of TSERS and LGERS determine if this benefit might be suitable fits in with retirement planning services our credit union provides--it's a win-win situation for SECU members," McCool said.