TSESTechniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery
TSESTraining Ship Empire State (State University of New York Maritime College)
TSESTechnology, Society, Environment Studies (Carleton University; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
TSESTactical Signals Exploitation System
TSESTransportation Security Executive Service (US DHS)
TSESTSA Senior Executive Service (Transportation Security Administration pay plan)
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"We have seen unexpectedly strong effects of TSEs on psychiatric symptoms and of poverty on neurocognitive functioning, and both are associated with brain abnormalities," Gur said.
Groot Glass plans to setup different factories in Tses to manufacture a wide range of glass products for the construction, kitchenware, beverages, pharmaceutical, touch screen devices, automobiles, solar panels and other industrial applications for the local and regional markets.
In the United States, about 300 cases of TSEs are reported each year and have been associated with fatal degenerative brain diseases.
Naveed Ansari, chief executive officer of TSES, revealed additional details of the contract to Construction Week .
TSEs are now commonly used to mix active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with polymers and additives that serve as binders.
For the purposes of the current study, the English version of the Teacher Sense of Self-efficacy Scale (TSES) was translated into Arabic by two faculty member translators bilingual in English and Arabic.
Aside from TSES, the information/education campaign was taken to Quezon City's Juan Sumulong, Jose P.
Sao descritas cinco TSEs que afetam humanos: (1) Kuru; (2) doenca de Creutzfeldt-Jakob (DCJ); (3) variante da doenca de Creutzfeldt-Jakob (vDCJ); (4) sindrome de Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker (GSS); e (5) insonia familiar fatal (IFF) (3).
"The regulations causing this phenomenal and unnecessary cost were a result of the BSE crisis back in the 1990s but the differences between BSE in cattle and TSEs (scrapie) in sheep, means the rules around sheep were never based on scientific fact.
In the past decade, advances in shaft design and metallurgy have resulted in step changes in the output possible with co-rotating, intermeshing, segmented TSEs. Leistritz's asymmetric splined shaft design, developed in 2004, enabled an increased free volume with an outer/inner diameter (OD/ID) ratio of 1.66, up from the traditional standard of 1.55.
One area of VAM that needs more research is about teacher spillover effects (TSEs).