TSETSetup Time
TSETTobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (Oklahoma)
TSETTranscultural Self-Efficacy Tool (nursing)
TSETTechnical Specialist Education and Training (UK)
TSETThe Structure of Evolutionary Theory (Stephen Jay Gould book)
TSETTransnational Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (Australian Federal Police; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Australia)
TSETTransmit Signal Element Timing (computing)
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Descriptive statistics were used to describe the characteristics of the sample, the TSET, and the BICCC tool.
The results show that the average consumed power is increased with the increase of heat load and with the decrease of Tset. Also, the variable-speed AC consumes less average power than that of the constant-speed AC under the same heat load and Tset.
Because the Cyprus dispute had long been viewed as a security issue in the narrow conventional sense, suggesting that it had nothing to with identity politics, the privilege of having a say on that issue had been confined to TSET, namely the state bureaucracy in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the military.
We first use ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) pheromone feedback technique to construct a serial of TSet (Tower Set), and the TSet in second phase is solved again by GA.
Nonetheless, the Australian Federal Police's Transnational Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (TSET) team reported 14 trafficking investigations during the last year.
It is an essay in Human Nature Review, by the evolutionary psychologist David Barash, on Gould's 2002 swan-song, The Structure of Evolutionary Theory (TSET), 1433 pages.
These are the Thermionic Fuel Element Verification Program (TFEVP), the Advanced Thermionic Initiative (ATI) program, the Thermionic System Evaluation Test (TSET) program, and the Thermionic Space Nuclear Power System Design and Technical Demonstration program.
Bisbee was selected recently to be the new executive director of the Tobacco Endowment Settlement Trust, or TSET. But she has been with the state agency responsible for fighting not only tobacco use but also cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes since 2012.
TSet on a corner plot with attractive mature gardens, the property maintains its original features plus modern additional.
A shoulder injury has also contributed to the Dubliner playing just once on the European Tour since July, but he is since July, but he is Tset to compete in the pro-am event played over the Old Course at St Andrews, Carnoustie and Kingsbarns.
INSTRUMENTS Adapted from the psychometrically valid Transcultural Self-Efficacy Tool (TSET) (Jeffreys, 2010a, 2010b; Jeffreys & Dogan, 2010; 2012), the new Cultural Competence Clinical Evaluation Tool (CCCET) contains three subscales measuring different dimensions of clinical cultural competence behaviors.