TSETSetup Time
TSETTobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (Oklahoma)
TSETTranscultural Self-Efficacy Tool (nursing)
TSETThe Structure of Evolutionary Theory (Stephen Jay Gould book)
TSETTechnical Specialist Education and Training (UK)
TSETTransnational Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking (Australian Federal Police; Canberra, Australian Capital Territory; Australia)
TSETTransmit Signal Element Timing (computing)
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Descriptive statistics were used to describe the characteristics of the sample, the TSET, and the BICCC tool.
STUDENTS A convenience sample of 111 undergraduate nursing students completed the BICCC and TSET surveys; they were between 20 and 53 years of age (M = 25).
Analysis of the TSET surveys showed that students felt relatively comfortable with the cognitive skills of transcultural nursing.
Looking to the arguments of the main groups involved, one notices that while the current AKP government and pro-European liberals argue for the redefinition of Turkey's traditional Cyprus policy, the TSET has advocated sticking to the parameters of conventional policies.
Attempts at challenging the security-first approach of the TSET have long been seen as illegitimate, as many believe that the linkages between external and internal developments have not been strong and that non-military actors have simply not been competent to deal with hard-core security issues.
The TSET project concentrates on three areas of Russian thermionic technology; they are a completed unfueled Topaz-II space reactor, a single-cell thermionic fuel element (TFE) test rig, and a high-temperature low-voltage/high-current switching device (the Tacitron).
The TSET indicated adequate reliability as evidenced by an internal consistency of .
Findings from four studies utilizing the TSET with associate degree nursing students indicated that nursing students were least confident in knowledge, more confident when interviewing clients, and most confident about their attitudes about transcultural nursing.
Comparison of TSET Mean Subscores and Mean Total Score by Clinical Section PRETEST SCORES Clinical Sample Cognitive Practical Affective Total Section Size SEST SEST SEST Score 201 9 6.
6 million was approved by TSET Board of Directors in Communities of Excellence in Tobacco Control program grants to 33 coalitions and consortiums that serve 50 counties and one tribal nation.
It impacts those we love and it impacts our economy and our well-being as a state, said TSET Executive Director Tracey Strader.