TSGUThe Stealthy Gamers Union
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The left side has decreased by lost income from reduced pension contribution, lower PIT tax rates (in consequence--a considerable shrinking of TSGU budget income), family relief or elimination of tax fees.
The TSGU investment creates new added value in economy, and through the multiplier effect stimulates the business climate in a situation when the company sector withholds its investment.
This has worsened--without statutory regulation--the legal situation of for example TSGUs financing public tasks in order to achieve particular economic goals belonging to their statutory scope of activities (3).
The subject regulation was issued on 23.12, that is when a considerable part of TSGUs had already their budget acts passed.
The amended article 72, section 2 of the APF poses the risk of violating the principles of financial independence and stability of TSGUs. Financial guarantees for territorial self-government units constitute one of the fundamental elements of their independence (Miemiec, 2005, p.
This article defines the prudential limits in TSGUs. According to this regulation, total debt of a territorial self-government unit at the end of the budget year cannot exceed 60% of the executed income of this unit in this budget year.
Eaglescliffe's 17-year-old Ryan Riley also showed his huge potential by winning the TSGU Boys Championship at Seaton Carew.
Results TSGU Div 1: Saltburn 20 Eaglescliffe 4, Billingham 19 Hartlepool 5, B Auckland 15 Darlington 9 Div 2: Middlesbrough 13 Wilton 11, Richmond 11 Castle Eden 13, B Grange 14 Dinsdale Spa 10 Div 3: Catterick 11 Barnard Castle 13, M Municipal 21 Oakleaf 3, Teesside 17 Ineos 7, Hunley Hall 14 Wynyard 10
TOMORROW'S TSGU MATCHES: Div 1: Hartlepool v Bishop Auckland, Seaton Carew v Saltburn, Eaglescliffe v Billingham.
AN enlarged TSGU competition gets under way tomorrow.
GLORY BID: James Farrell was among the winners as Saltburn continued their quest for TSGU Division One honours with a win at 14-10 Richmond who have now lost their last four fixtures Picture by IAN COOPER
The result was the formation of the TSGU, under president Alf Winney.