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TSHThyroid-Stimulating Hormone
TSHThoughts of Self Harm (psychiatry)
TSHThe Secret History
TSHTanzanian Shilling (national currency)
TSHTokyo Station Hotel (Tokyo, Japan)
TSHTaru Sormusten Herrasta
TSHTranssphenoidal Hypophysectomy
TSHT-Systems Hungary
TSHTransitional Supportive Housing (various locations)
TSHThe Slaughter House (gaming community)
TSHThe Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT)
TSHTopeka State Hospital (Topeka, KS)
TSHTaunton State Hospital (Taunton, MA)
TSHTrans States Holdings, Inc. (airlines; Brigeton, MO)
TSHTemporary Safe Haven
TSHTarget Sleeve Housing
TSHTour of Solar Homes (Colorado)
TSHTripping So Hard
TSHTeknisk Skole Hillerød
TSHTennessee Soldier's Home (genealogy research)
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The activity of the thyroid gland is regulated by thyrotropin or thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), which is secreted by the pituitary gland.
Oriental Commercial Bank, on the other hand, has $2.8million (Tsh.6.2 billion) in deposit and a $2.4 million (Tsh.5.2 billion) worth of loan book.
C has described symptoms that are suggestive of hypothyroidism including fatigue, constipation, scalp hair loss, and weight gain and elevated TSH. There is a "paucity of evidence" demonstrating improvement with treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism.
Como o diagnostico do HSC no idoso tem elevado grau de dificuldade, as manifestacoes clinicas sao confundidas comumente como sinais do proprio envelhecimento e existe uma alta morbimortalidade nesta populacao, nosso objetivo e rastrear a disfuncao tireoidiana e avaliar o ponto de corte do TSH no diagnostico do HSC em idosos acompanhados em uma Clinica de Familia.
MARC notes that given TSH's plantations are predominantly located in Indonesia, any major change in the Indonesian government's regulatory policies on foreign ownership or investment activities in the country's palm oil sector could pose a significant risk to the group's operations.
[13] Until now, only a few epidemiological studies evaluating the association between the levels of thyroid hormones and TSH with body weight and BMI were carried out.
All data, including TSH measurements, were collected from the central newborn screening center of the Shiraz University of Medical Science.
Serum TSH levels of study subjects were measured using Fast and HYPERsensitive hTSH methods based on a paramagnetic particle chemiluminescent immunoassay.
By analyzing the specimen reports, the relationship of preoperative TSH between tumor size, multicentricity lymphovascular invasion, extrathyroidal extension, central neck metastasis, and lateral neck metastasis was evaluated.
Gestational age ranged from 23 to 33 weeks, median birth weight measured 1.2 kg, median serum TSH concentration at the time of diagnosis was 78.3 mU/L, and median free thyroxine concentration was 8.9 pmol/L.