TSHLTexas Silver-Haired Legislature (citizen advisory group)
TSHLTimber Sale Harvesting Licence (forestry industry)
TSHLTumor-Suppressor Gene, Hela Cell Type
TSHLTime Synchronization for High Latency
TSHLThe Staging House, Ltd. (marketing agency; UK)
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Recently, some time synchronization algorithms, such as TSHL, MU-Sync, Mobi- Sync, and D-Sync have been proposed for UWSNs.
Syed et al (2006) proposed an method known as TSHL, where it assumes that nodes are fixed, which makes it not suitable for mobile networks and it is designed for high latency circuit, that can manage long propagation delays and remains energy efficient.
0 Locations (1) Point Hope RDM TSHL N (2) 6 15 9 Arsenic (As) Mean (SD) 0.