TSHRThyroid-Stimulating Hormone Receptor
TSHRTwo-Switch Hybrid Rectifier
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He called the ideas about the SLITRK6 and TSHR genes "utter speculation.
It has been demonstrated that B cells are abundant in the orbits of GO patients and that they produce autoantibodies against TSHR and IGF-1R.
Stimulation of orbital TSHRs induces the release of glycosaminoglycans from fibroblasts, which in turn alters the osmotic balance, leading to fluid retention and an increase in orbital volume.
Both drugs decrease synthesis of thyroid hormone by inhibiting the use of iodine in the thyroid gland and also inhibiting production of TSHR antibody through their immunosupressive effects.
The TSHR antibody level is measured in maternal and fetal blood samples.
TSHR antibodies were measured by the TSH-binding inhibition assays (TBI) with a commercial kit according to the manufacturer's protocol (Medipan GmbH, Germany).
were incubated with detergent-solubilized TSHR,[sup]125 I-labeled bovine TSH was added, and the TSHR-ab complexes were precipitated out with polyethylene glycol.
However, TSHR mRNA testing has arguably eclipsed Tg mRNA.
TSHR mRNA acts as a surrogate marker for circulating thyroid cancer cells, and in initial studies distinguished benign from malignant thyroid diseases.
We investigated the specificity of different PCR primer pairs in the amplification of TSHR and Tg mRNA signals in blood samples from healthy individuals and in thyroid cancer tissue.
The C-terminal end of the porcine TSHR (last 160 amino acids) (3) was expressed in Escherichia coli as a fusion protein with glutathione S-transferase and used to produce MAbs as described previously (7).
We recently found that the modification of TSHR with detergent changed the nature of the binding of TSHR to anti-TSHR antibodies (6).