TSIBThe Stupid, It Burns
TSIBTechnical Services and Information Bureau
TSIBThe Summer in Between (band)
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The validity of the TSIBS has been established with four criterion groups (N= 807), mental health professionals (n = 247), students (n = 256), outpatient clients (n = 186), and chronic patients (n = 118) (Pearlman, 1996).
ANOVA was conducted to test whether the groups differed significantly in their disruptions of the subscales on the TSIBS of safety, other-trust, and other-esteem when 40 percent or more of their caseload was made up of one of the traumas of interest.
A correlation analysis was conducted to test the relationship between percentage of caseload devoted to cancer and the TSIBS subscales of self-and other-safety.
01) between working with sexual abuse and a personal history of sexual abuse, and a significant and positive correlation between history of sexual abuse and the TSIBS subscales of self-safety (r =.