TSIMMISThe Stanford IBM Manager of Multiple Information Sources
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Edelshtein's businesslike English ("He can maybe, let him try") swerves into the fantastic (Someone who laughs like this is ready for a feast"), and then into actual Yiddish names for foods, which Ozick does not translate: "flanken, tsimmis, rosselfleysh" (flanksteak, fruit stew, potroast).
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Some of the most popular systems are: the Garlic System [8], the TSIMMIS System [10], the ObjectGlobe System [26], the SIMS System [4], etc.
1996), SIMS (Arens, Knoblock, and Shen 1996), and TSIMMIS (Papakonstantinou, Garcia Molina, and Widom 1995).
Our front-end architecture is consistent with the notion of mediators [Wiederhold 1992], which has been widely adopted in information integration efforts such as TSIMMIS [Garcia-Molina et al.