TSIPTrue Side Impact Protection (child restraint systems)
TSIPTrimble Standard Interface Protocol
TSIPTraining System Installation Plan
TSIPTainan Science-based Industrial Park (Taiwan; also seen as TSBIP)
TSIPTuas South Incineration Plant (Singapore)
TSIPTransmission System Improvement Plan (Lower Colorado River Authority)
TSIPTeen Sex Information Program (various locations)
TSIPTürkiye Sosyalist Isci Partisi (Socialist Workers' Party of Turkey)
TSIPTexas Success Initiative Program
TSIPTechnology Standard for Instructional Personnel
TSIPTraffic Statute Identification Program
TSIPTelecommunication Systems Installation Plan (USAF)
TSIPTest Ship Integration Plan
TSIPThe Sky is Pink
TSIPToilet Internet Service Provider (humor)
TSIPThermometer Scan Input with Padding
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We have previously described the ISS protocol and TSIP in detail (Ericson et al.
19,20,23,26,27) Within the TSIP cohort, 28-day case fatality was not linked to gender or age, suggesting that the sequelae of the stroke itself override normal gender- and age-related differences in life expectancy.
In the service industry, where innovation is emphasized, the application of KS to increase TSIP is generally considered an important strategy.
Demographic information, social history, past medical history and information about events around the time of the stroke were recorded as part of the TSIP.
TSIP will also develop strategic proposals for new savings and investments policies to help rebuild consumer confidence and trust in long term savings.
The contract further strengthens Air Products leading market position in TSIP where Air Products San Fu serves its customers through UHP bulk gas facilities and a pipeline that is fed by three of the world s largest UHP nitrogen facilities.
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