TSIRThe Struggle Is Real
TSIRTerm Structure of Interest Rates
TSIRTotal System Integration Responsibility
TSIRtumor specific immediate reconstruction
TSIRTotal Score of Immediate Recall
TSIRtruncated standardized incidence rate
TSIRTest Ship Integration Requirement
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Thus, this paper sought to estimate the impact of a possible updating of the covariance matrix with the data up to December 2015, considering the TSIR curves available from the Susep website (Susep, 2015), and contemplating the volatility in the economic scenario occurring during the electoral period of 2014 and Brazils loss of investment grade status.
where EFr is the exposure frequency = 312 days/year, equivalent to average lifetime; TSIR is the tobacco snuff ingestion rate = 50.0 g/day, equivalent to 10 pouches/day, 50.0 [micro]g/pouch of TSS; C is the concentration of metal in TSS in [micro]g/g; [RfD.sub.o] is the oral reference dose in mg/kg/day; [BW.sub.a] is the average body weight, adult = 60 kg; [AT.sub.n] is the average exposure time for noncarcinogens in days (EFr(312 days/ year) x [ED.sub.tot] (number of exposure years, assuming 70 years in this study); and [10.sup.-3] is the unit of conversion.
Users have to set up two further parameters: (i) a set of substitution or transformation rules, which will be used by the TSiR module to transform the information into the appropriate format, and, optionally, (ii) the set of ontology concepts that are related to the information elements to be gathered from the source semi-structured text.
The input of this component is the XML file generated by the TSiR. In a nutshell, the process that takes place within this component is as follows.
(42) The Septuagint's translation reflects the k'tiv ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--lamed aleph, "not") whereas the Masoretic text follows the k'rei ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--lamed vav, "he") and renders [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (tsir, messenger) rather than [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (tsar, trouble).
Likewise, actuarial literature has recently focused some of its attention in analyzing the Term Structure of Interest Rates (TSIR) because this is a key instrument for pricing insurance contracts.
Babbell and Merrill (1996) and Ang and Sherris (1997) provided a wide survey of Term Structure of Interest Rate (TSIR) models derived from the contingent claims theory, whereas Yao (1999) discussed the asymptotic properties of the rates fitted with some of these models, bearing in mind actuarial pricing.
The LAT aims to verify whether the technical provisions constituted by insurance companies, deducted from deferred acquisition expenses and related intangible assets (net carrying amount) are sufficient to support the net current value of future cash flows of its insurance contracts, discounted by a term structure of interest rates (TSIR)--current estimate.
Regarding the TSIR, most countries kept their discretion.
Contract award: Preparatory work in the area of TSiR in Gdansk.
The dual band-notched characteristic is realized by inserting a TSIR inside the circular ring radiation patch and etching a PSLR in the CPW transmission line, and the corresponding center frequencies of these notch bands can be controlled by adjusting the dimensions of the T-SIR and the PSLR.
The notch band operating at 5.5 GHz WLAN band is implemented by using the TSIR while the 8 GHz notch band is realized by using the PSLR, and the center frequency and the bandwidth of the two notch bands can be tuned by adjusting the dimensions of the T-SIR and the PSLR.