TSIXTrusted Security Information Exchange
TSIXTranscription silencing inactivation of X (chromosome/dosage compensation)
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Este ARN es llamado TSIX y funciona como un represor antisentido de XIST.
El XIC es un nicho de ARNs no codificantes, entre los cuales no solo se encuentran XIST y TSIX, sino ARNs con funcion activadora de XIST como Jpx y RepA, los cuales son regulados por factores de pluripotencia (27, 32).
Molecular coupling of Tsix regulation and pluripotency.
1991 5 Descubrimiento del Tsix. 1999 26 Descubrimiento de pre-inactivacion de 2003 21 cromosomas paternos.
They aptly named this gene Tsix--Xist spelled backward--because Tsix RNA is complementary to, and so binds, Xist RNA and knocks it out of commission.
The Harvard researchers showed that Tsix controls imprinting in mouse placental cells.
These scientists had suspected that Tsix might function differently in people than in mice because human Tsix is missing elements found in mouse Tsix.
Migeon speculates that Tsix controls imprinted, but not random, X inactivation.
Tsix in people is probably just an evolutionary vestige, Migeon concludes.
Not everyone is willing to dismiss Tsix so easily, however.
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