TSKATraditional Shukokai Karate Association
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Notebook type TEMPEST TNBB 44 artPart 4 1 laser printer A4 type TEMPEST TDLA4 221 pieces2 Laser Printer A3 type TEMPEST TDLA3 2 pieces3 Multifunction A3 type TEMPEST TUWA3 42 art4 UPS type TEMPEST Tups 211 piecesPart 5 1 Projector portable TEMPEST TPRA 6 pieces2 Scanner Type TEMPEST TSKA 16 pieces.
The use of proven inductive proximity sensors, combined with a mobile app, eliminates the need for a built-in display on the alignment system, allowing SKF to introduce the TSKA 11 at a cost that is approximately half that of competing devices.