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TSLSTwo-Stage Least Squares (statistics)
TSLSToxic Shock-Like Syndrome (medicine)
TSLSTerminal Server Licensing Service
TSLSTook Something Left Something (geocaching)
TSLSTri-Service Laser Seeker
TSLSTook Some Left Some (geocaching)
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However, this result is not significant the following years (except the year after a crisis when using TSLS estimates).
In light of the popularity that life satisfaction has in the research arena, especially among the elderly, the lack of research on life satisfaction considering the temporal axis, and the lack of a validation of the TSLS for Spanish-speaking populations, the aim of this study is threefold: 1) to study the factorial validity of the TSLS on a sample of Spanish old adults; 2) to disentangle how much of the variance in life satisfaction is due to an stable dimension of life satisfaction and how much is due to "temporal" or trait-specific dimensions; and 3) to offer evidence on reliability and validity for the aforementioned scale and population.
While it is positive and statistically significant in all of the OLS regressions, it is not significant in any of the TSLS regressions.
TSLS estimates suggest that market size (GDP per capita) and global integration (tariff)2 have FDI enhancing effects while an unstable macro environment (high inflation) hampers foreign direct investment inflows to developing countries.
The estimation results for the fixed and random effects model estimated by TSLS are presented in Table 3 (6).
The Lewbel IV procedure is one of TSLS that uses (Z-[bar.
Same regressions as Table 4, except using TSLS with a latitude instrument for private credit in Regressions 2 and 3 and for growth in property rights and the legal system in Regressions 4 through 9.
We will therefore prefer this formulation to that one represented by TSLS to estimate the augmented F&F model.
The TSLS estimation between the dynamic of real GDP and the considered financial variables Dependent Variable: The dynamic of the real GDP Method: Pooled IV/Two-stage EGLS (Cross-section random effects) Cross-sections included: 16 Total pool (unbalanced) observations: 42 Swamy-Arora estimator of component variances Period SUR (PCSE) standard errors & covariance (no degree of freedom correction) Std.
In practice, even though the series are cointegrated, it is not necessary to include an error correction term when using TSLS (HSIAO, 1997, p.
The TSLS method says that each endogenous regressor should be regressed against the set of included and excluded regressors as shown in equation (2), and then their predicted values, [?
This effect is in the same range as the marginal effects of Medicaid coverage before pregnancy estimated from the OLS and single equation logistic models; the TSLS estimate is positive but larger and insignificant.