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TSNATobacco Specific Nitrosamine
TSNATennessee School Nutrition Association
TSNATan Son Nhut Association (Penryn, PA)
TSNAThe Saturday Nite Agenda (album)
TSNATurkmen State News Agency
TSNATotal Sympathetic Nerve Activity
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TSNAs are formed by tobacco alkaloids and nicotine nitration.
It is seen in Table 5 that TSNAs such as NNN, NNK, NAT, and NAB are quite low in e-cigarette when compared with cigarette (9, 46).
In 9m, 2010-11 (provisional), TSNA reported operating income of Rs.
NMPL currently holds 50% equity stake in TSNA with the balance 50% stake held by the TSAI Group.
Swedish smokeless tobacco, called "snus," has substantially lower TSNA levels than conventional moist snuff sold in the United States.
This finding raised the possibility of a connection between lower TSNA levels and reduced cancer risk.
A logical initial focus for a selective biomarker might be metabolites of NNA, because NNA is the major TSNA formed from the reaction of nicotine and nitrous acid and has not been found in tobacco smoke.
30) Moreover, nitrous acid photodecomposes during the day, so concentrations could be especially high at night in polluted cities, speculates coauthor Lara Gundel, also an LBNL researcher; TSNA production could increase with higher nitrous acid concentrations.
Modifying the mutant genes could potentially also lead to the development of novel tobacco cultivars that contain lower levels of TSNAs.
hese TSNAs are one of the most broadly acting and potent carcinogens present in unburned tobacco and tobacco smoke.