TSNNThe Special Needs Network (Lincolnshire, IL; disability support services)
TSNNTrade Show News Net
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In the event of a formal tax claim in Nepal, TSNN are confident that it has no exposure to Capital Gains Tax in Nepal and that the tax position is appropriately addressed in the relevant transaction documents.
Besides hosting two of the largest three shows in the country, Las Vegas also has bragging rights for hosting the most shows on the list, with 60 shows, representing a 24-percent share of the 2010 TSNN Top 250.
Orlando takes second place, with 25 shows, representing a 10-percent share, and Chicago was third, with 22 shows on the 2010 TSNN Top 250 list and an 8-percent share.
Two show management companies tied for the most 2010 TSNN Top 200 shows on the list - Reed Exhibitions and Nielsen Business Media - with 11 each, or 4.
The busiest month on the 2010 TSNN Top 250 list was March, with 30 shows, followed by January and February tying, with 27 shows each.