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TSOLTrue Sounds Of Liberty (band)
TSOLThe Simple Observing Log (astronomy database)
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A multi-dimensional analytical framework, TSOL has allowed researchers to highlight new interactions between spheres and modes in which women's labour is performed, and to articulate how the displacements of time and labour brought about through technological change impact on gender and other social relations Because of its focus on relational shifts which accompany new divisions of labour, the TSOL framework has great potential to help researchers situate practitioner 'meaning making' within the re-organised public relations work context.
Glucksmann's (1986, 2000) TSOL arose out of her grounded study of low-paid women working in different employment modes in new British manufacturing industries during the interwar years.
TSOL has also been operationalised to articulate shifts in gender and other social relations arising from the organisations of unpaid consumption work associated with household waste recycling in the domestic and community spheres (Wheeler and Glucksmann, 2013).
The TSOL framework's reliance on traditional dualisms between spheres and modes in which labour is performed has been problematised for failing to fully account for the newly emerging 'liminal spaces' between institutional, market and domestic spheres and between paid, unpaid, voluntary and contractual arrangements within which much of women's work is now performed (Daly et al.
Six categories of Glucksmann's TSOL can be applied to frame a critical public relations research agenda, focussing on the reorganisation of labour which accompanies social media engagement within organisations.
TSOL came out to accentuate the moment, and the evening deteriorated into a grand display of debaucherous spectacle and deconstruction.
If you prefer a punk rock Valentine's Day, the WOW Hall will have the recently reunited Orange County band TSOL.
Massive attendance with Alva, Powerflex 5 and TSOL, amongst others on stage.
While TSOL, Manic Hispanic with Ray "Bones" Rodriguez, and the Adolescents looked on, King Fausto V called out the Butcher.