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TSOPThe Sound Of Philadelphia
TSOPThin Small-Outline Package
TSOPThin Small Outline Package
TSOPTransistor Stuck Open (hardware fault)
TSOPThe Sound of Perseverance (album; Death)
TSOPThe Society for Organic Petrology (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
TSOPTactical Standing Operating Procedure
TSOPThe Speed of Pain (Marilyn Manson song)
TSOPTraining Standard Operating Procedures
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The warden provides a tsop to set the fidelity level.
Since then OE Solutions has unveiled two different versions of Smart SFP[TM] that supports 1) Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) for Carrier Ethernet networks and 2) Transparent SONET/SDH over Packet (TSoP).
ONE ROOT CAUSE of bridging with TSOP components is a size mismatch between the TSOP (U2, 24-lead) and the SMT pads.
Overprint Strategy Components Aperture size QFP 160 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% QFN 32 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% QFN 16 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% BGA 256 100%, 120%, 140%, 160% BGA 225 100%, 120%, 140%, 160% PLCC 20 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% TSOP 32 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% 0402 (around TSOP 32) 100%, 110%, 120%, 130% 0402 100%, 120%, 140%
According to the companies, the 32Gb NAND chip is the only monolithic device at this density that fits into a standard 48-lead thin small-outline package (TSOP), providing a cost-effective path to higher densities in existing applications.
Commanders must update their recall rosters every month, with reserve component leaders doing so at every drill as part their unit tactical standard operating procedures (TSOP).
For instance, let us assume that the receiver is a Micron DDR SDRAM (512 Mbx16), part number MT46V32M16TG-75Z in a TSOP 66-pin package.
The 512Mbit flash chip comes in a TSOP package and is targeting the removable solid state storage market with products like SD-, MMC-, Compact-Flash-Cards or memory sticks mainly used for Digital Still Cameras and PDAs.
Instead of soldered-down TSOP package DRAM chips, the carrier has TSOP test sockets.
The new Toyota Land Cruiser bumper debuts the first use of TSOP (Toyota Super Olefin Polymer) as a bumper material on a large SUV.
Compared to standard TSOP (Thin Small Outline Package) mounted SDRAM, the form factor of the Mobile-RAM is reduced by more than a factor of three, with the FBGA occupying a footprint of just 8 mm x 9 mm.
A series of adapter modules features 8-32 pins for converting an IC that is packaged in a surface mount SO J, TSOP, PLCC, or SOIC package to a pin compatible direct drop-in replacement for end-of-life DIP ICs.