TSPRTotal System Performance Responsibility
TSPRTexas School Performance Review
TSPRToronto Society for Psychical Research (Toronto, Canada)
TSPRTopic-Specific Page Rank (web search)
TSPRTotal Systemic Peripheral Resistance
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Hence, our TSPR method is proposed to solve the phase retrieval problem from single-intensity measurement.
The first camp, represented by Topic-Sensitive PageRank (TSPR) [4] and TwitterRank [5], is PageRank-based methods.
(44.) This would be the case for either aircraft alternative examined in this study, if TSPR is sought and approved.
Gill requested research be done on TSPR to Air University at Maxwell AFB in 2000, I did the research and article in 2001 and not once did I get feedback.
The Bush administration almost entirely continued the Clinton administration's policy, though it had largely backed away from the TSPR concept by the end of its second term.
In the March 22, 2002, issue of the Defense Daily International, an article contained several statements about TSPR from Pete Aldridge, the DOD'S senior acquisition official.
The TSPR approach addresses General McPeak's assessment of acquisition and seeks to turn failures into successes.
First, if government systems engineering is weak, then independent systems engineering from a SETA organization is probably preferable to adopting a TSPR approach.
The total system performance responsibility (TSPR) acquisition approach is commonly known and utilized by the acquisition community supporting the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC).
Nonetheless, there is a continuing pressure to move toward a Total System Performance Responsibility (TSPR) form of outsourcing.
Keywords: Acquisition Reform, Cost Growth, Industry, Design Agent, Lead Systems Integrator (LSI), Total System Performance Responsibility (TSPR)