TSPYTestis-Specific Protein Y-encoded
TSPYTouch Screen Positive Y-Plate (electronics)
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Identification of germ cells at risk for neoplastic transformation in gonadoblastoma: an immunohistochemical study for OCT3/4 and TSPY. Hum Pathol.
During the first PCR, two PCR products will be amplified in male cells: a sequence of the gene TSPY and a sequence of exon 2 of HLA-DPB1, as shown in Fig.
The two-step PCR procedure with coamplification and linkage of the TSPY and HLA-DPB1 PCR products followed by nested PCR in a traditional PCR set-up produced clear bands after gel electrophoresis corresponding to the predicted length of the linked PCR product (531 bp) in only the male samples (triplicate experiments; data not shown).
In the present model system, a Y-chromosome-specific DNA sequence (TSPY, encoding a testis-specific protein) was used as the specific marker sequence.
In the present study, a model system of PCR coamplification of a TSPY DNA sequence and a polymorphic HLA-DPB1 DNA sequence and linkage of these two PCR products, and further nested PCR amplification of this linked PCR product, inside fixed and permeabilized male [CD71.sup.+] cells was examined.
The putative gene that predisposes patients with disorders of sex development and gonadal dysgenesis to develop germ cell tumors is the testis-specific protein Y-encoded (TSPY) gene located on the Y chromosome.
Gonadoblastoma, testicular and prostate cancers, and the TSPY gene.