TSPZTorres Strait Protected Zone (Australia)
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In total, 134 Papua New Guinea citizens were reported to have TB in the TSPZ during the study period (Figure 2), and 117 (87.3%) had culture-confirmed disease.
tuberculosis strain diversity, transmission dynamics, and drug-resistance profiles among cross-border isolates from TB patients residing in the TSPZ. This region is known for its sparse population, unique geography, and ethnic and social diversity, all of which can make disease surveillance difficult.
In a previous report, we attributed isolates from the same Beijing sublineage responsible for a large MDR TB outbreak on Daru Island, which is [approximately equal to] 50 km east of the outer islands of the TSPZ (7).
In our study, most cases were identified to have come from Mabadauan, indicating that this setting could have a higher migratory rate than other TSPZ villages.
Our study identified 2 plausible independent episodes of drug-resistant TB transmission to Australia residents in the TSPZ, a finding that would not have been identified by conventional genotyping techniques.
Our findings highlight the challenge faced by Australia and Papua New Guinea TB control programs to prevent TB transmission through the TSPZ. Over the study period, the number of TB cases among citizens of Australia in the TSPZ was low (18 cases).
The high proportion (74%) of TB cases among young adults (<35 years of age) in our study suggests ongoing TB transmission and is consistent with the finding of another study that identified 76.6% of pediatric TB notifications in Queensland were from Papua New Guinea residents in the TSPZ (35).