TSRFTotal Solar Resource Fraction
TSRFTrue Scale Racing Federation (est. 2004)
TSRFTesting Services Request Form (Sprint)
TSRFThis Side of the Rock Fellowship
TSRFTwo-Level Star with Relaying-Only Sensors in the First Level (cluster polling method)
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The Effect of Attacks on TSRF. We first assume that the malicious nodes launch greyhole attacks (drop 50% packets) and then analyze their impact on the average packet delivery ratio of the network.
By utilizing TSRF, the on-off attacker is difficult to build a good reputation or get rid of bad reputation, which requires a long-time interaction and consistent well-behaved behavior of nodes.
The Effectiveness and Security of TSRF. The procedure of route establishment mainly includes trust derivation and traditional route discovery schemes.
Imposing hop limit in flooding or using our trust derivation approach in TSRF can significantly reduce the routing overhead of the network with security mechanisms.
Figure 8 represents the different time spent to complete the routing establishment process between TSRF and other mechanisms.
To validate the security of TSRF, we assume that malicious nodes will launch greyhole, tampering, on-off, and bad mouth attacks on the network (from 20s).