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TSRIThe Scripps Research Institute
TSRIThe Software Revolution, Inc. (est. 1995)
TSRIToxic Substances Research Initiative (Canada)
TSRITaiwan Sugar Research Institute
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TSRI has a concentrated revenue base, with National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding making up a clear majority of grants and total operating revenues.
TSRI fue implementado como parte de una encuesta en linea, usando formularios de Google.
In previous experiments, the TSRI team and their collaborators observed that cattle produce antibodies with long HCDR3 loops at a much higher frequency than humans, that these HCDR3 loops are ultra-long, and that bovine immune cells may produce antibodies with effective immunogen binding through a fundamentally different mechanism than takes place in human immune cells.
Previously, Selexis worked with IAVI on another engineered HIV envelope protein, also being developed by IAVI's NAC at TSRI and other parts of TSRI, to increase cell line productivity using the Selexis CHO-Mplus Libraries.
This study shows that we're moving in the right direction for a universal flu vaccine," commented Ian Wilson, Hansen Professor of Structural Biology and chair of the Department of Integrative Structural and Computational Biology at TSRI.
8,044,201 entitled "Stem Cell Cultures," to which Fate Therapeutics holds an exclusive license from TSRI in all commercial fields.
Under terms of the agreement, MicroIslet and TSRI will continue preclinical studies utilizing MicroIslet's proprietary technologies.
The development of the Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases (ICND) at TSRI was the most rewarding.
TSRI chemists have now identified just such a compound: diamidophosphate (DAP).
Jim Paulson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology at TSRI, said, Because the need to understand the functions of glycans is impacting all aspects of the life sciences, there is an increasing need for a toolbox of glycan specific antibodies of well defined specificity.
Kendall Nettles, a TSRI associate professor who led the study, said estrogen has beneficial effects on conditions like diabetes and obesity but may increase cancer risk.
a scientific founder of Fate Therapeutics, while at TSRI.