TSRPTraffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
TSRPTokai Student Rocket Project (Tokai University; Japan)
TSRPToxic Substance Reduction Planner (Canada)
TSRPThe Second-Reality Project (Super Mario World ROM hack)
TSRPThe Specialists Role Playing (gaming clan)
TSRPTargeted Supplemental Reading Programs
TSRPTelephone System Replacement Project (US SSA)
TSRPTechnical Support Real Property
TSRPTraining System Resource Plan
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A TSRP is a resource on numerous traffic safety topics.
A TSRP may also be an active prosecutor with his or her own cases.
The TSRP's prosecution role may be combined with his or her training role.
The TSRP in the paper has the following characteristics.
The time to attach/detach a semitrailer to a tractor at a location is usually considerably less than the time to load/unload all cargoes in a semitrailer, so the tractor in the TSRP has a high use rate.
(4) One of the important applications of the TSRP is the concept of multilevel freight distribution systems (e.g., city logistics and multimodal freight transportation systems), in which freight arrives at a central depot and is transported further to satellite facilities by larger vehicles, and the freight is then brought to the final customers by smaller vehicles.
TSRP is expected to expand and improve services for an anticipated influx of new users.
As TSRP's gathered information, it became clear that some experts were very careful to speak the truth and some were not.
* Expert limitations: At this level, the TSRP lists any court findings in which an expert was excluded from testimony.
TSRP is reportedly to expand and improve services for new users and will include a centrally managed contact centre solution with unified messaging and IVR able to support 55,000 field office agents.
Jared Olson, Idaho's first TSRP, is one of those dedicated prosecutors who has pledged his career to improving traffic safety.
As a TSRP, Olson has an opportunity to combat this crime on a larger scale by providing daily assistance to prosecutors and law enforcement.