TSRRTexas State Railroad
TSRRTennessee Southern Railroad
TSRRThe Simpsons: Road Rage (video game)
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All FR4 substrates with TSRR and WS are centered in the waveguide.
(3) Time Slot Request Reply (TSRR) packet: this packet includes CN's reply to node along with GTS information.
* Managed TSRRs where the care, control and management of the TSRR has not been vested in the local Board.
A more enduring and older form of pastoral land management, with wider, national application, is the Travelling Stock Route and Reserves, more commonly known as TSRRs or the 'long paddock'!
TSRRs began early in New South Wales in response to the simple and vital need to be able to move stock from one area to another, including to markets.
The Pastures Protection Act of 1902 amended and consolidated all previous legislation relating to the TSRRs and led to the establishment of Pastures Protection Districts which are still largely in place, although reduced in number to 48, under their successor, the Rural Lands Protection Districts.
Use made of the routes together with the geography and water availability across the state has seen variations in the pattern and function of the TSRRs. In the Western Division reserves are often linked, forming a stock route with established watering areas, known as Stock Watering Places.