TSRSTechnology and Security Risk Services (Ernst & Young)
TSRSTexas Super Racing Series
TSRSTri State Racesaver Series (dirt track racing organization)
TSRSThrowigames Simple Roleplaying System (roleplaying games)
TSRSTarybu Socialistiniu Respubliku Sajunga (Lithuanian: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)
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These difficulties manifest themselves in stiffer compounds which are both harder to mix and process post-mixer, such as sheeting with a TSR (twin screw extruder with a roller head).
Since by virtue of the custody of the " File", the control of the TSR lies with the financier, he exploits the auto- driver or newowner to the hilt.
Po pusantru metu, kai Lietuvos TSRS Ministru Taryba nusprende Uios darbo jegos uoste sumaPinti perpus, uosto atkuriamieji darbai smarkiai suletejo.
Each sample's "total solar reflectance" (TSR) was determined over the 280 to 2500 nm wavelength range.
VDI igijo grafiko- plakatininko specialybe (vadovas Antanas Kucas), stazavosi TSRS, Paryziaus, Prahos, Leipcigo, Hales taros ir pakavimo imonese.
One such policy, the Temporary Suspension of Removals (TSR), suspended the deportations of Haitians who would otherwise be ineligible to remain in Canada.
TSRS is Rusijos imperijos pereme gilias mokslines tiriamosios veiklos ir mokslo laipsniu (iki revoliucijos vadintu magistro ir daktaro) teikimo tradicijas.
Therefore, you have TSRs who have been working 1 to 2 shifts and particularly those who worked in the night shift were tired and sleepy and, to make matters worse, they were treated extremely poorly.
buvo paskelbtas vienu is 20-ties svarbiausiu TSRS miestu ir tais paciais metais Vilniaus, Kauno, Klaipedos ir Kedainiu senamiesciai buvo itraukti i Lietuvos architekturos paminklu sarasa, realiai moksliniai urbanistikos paveldo tyrimai Lietuvoje prasidejo sestajame XX a.
With reference to Table 9, it can be concluded that adding 2% hydrated lime will result in achieving greater ITS conditioned values and increased TSRs (exceeding the minimum 80% required).
Ruger's M77 Hawkeye is straight-laced, with a Hogue overmolded stock--a component also used by Legacy Sports on its Howa-barreled actions and by FN on its TSRs. Mossberg's Night Train is a light-barreled .308 with a big brake and a bipod.
Over 50,000 of the 55,000 registered TSRs have been on strike since Monday to force the government concede their demand to go slow on booking them for violating traffic rules.