TSSFThe Story So Far (band)
TSSFThird Order, Society of St. Francis
TSSFTerminal System Support Facility
TSSFTape Staging and Storage Facility
TSSFTwo-Stage Seton Fistulotomy (surgical procedure)
TSSFTrenchless Super Silt Fence (urban forestry)
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There is no opinion on the obligation to scan for PFO in the Professional Divers Regulation and the TSSF Equipped Diving Instruction (44,45).
(1) Iniciativa impulsada y coordinada por la Asociacion Trabajadores/as Sociales Sin Fronteras (TSSF) y con apoyo logistico de la Facultad de Trabajo Social de Granada y Delegacion para la Calidad Ambiental y el Bienestar de la Universidad de Granada (UGR).
The competition was hosted by Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF).
Also on display were the firm's line of screw elements and barrels, and a 40 mm, twin screw process section featuring two TSSF 40 Side Feeders and a swing-away, 45 [degrees] die head.