TSSITemporal Single-System Interpretation (Marxist theory)
TSSITime Slot Sequence Integrity
TSSITransmitter Signal Strength Indication
TSSITactical and Survival Specialties Inc. (Harrisonburg, VA)
TSSITotal Solution System Integrator Sdn Bhd. (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia)
TSSITop Secret Special Intelligence
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TSSI and MDHI plan to launch the 3G product together over the next few months.
According to Ramos's TSSI theory of money, the same amount of labour hours (for example, a million of hours of labour) would be represented in $10m in our first case above, and in $20m in the second case.
This is not unrelated to TSSI, as it influences how he measures the rate of profit.
Nilpeter launches in-line hologram printing; boom in Chinese embossing equipment market sparks patent dispute; Kurz develops photopolymer hologram for banknotes; TSSI acquires Ver-tec's hologram patents; China provides key to growth of Taiwanese holo producer K Laser; Es-kay develop wide web system for embossing directly into substrates.
The contract extension means that TSSI will have provided its Watermark Magnetics technology to the South Korean company for a total of 25 years, since it first won the contract during the 1986 South Asian Games.
bilingual inscription from the Piraeus (KAI 60, TSSI 41) includes a lengthy Phoenician text that details Sidonian civic service in Athens.
PrivateFlite said for reasons unknown and without notice, Simmons seized the property of TSSI and seized the seats, PrivateFlite said.
The Mandrake facial recognition solution from TSSI of Swindon, United Kingdom, is available in two versions.
We were looking for something we could do to bootstrap a company," says president and principal Tom Hamilton, Hamilton had just spent five years as vice president of engineering at TSSI and held various engineering and marketing management positions at Tektronix for 12 years before that.
TSSI has partnered with Point Blank Enterprises (PBE) to provide seven different armor kits for use by special agents and other designated personnel during the performance of their duties.
The solution is provided by the brilliant exegesis of Marx's theory of money offered by Alejandro Ramos (2007) and generally accepted by TSSI scholars.
TSSI, which develops products for document security and investigation, personal ID and access control, has acquired a portfolio of patents for volume and true colour holograms from Ver-tec, the authentication security and consultancy company that went into administration earlier this year (see HN Vol 22, No 4).