TSSKTestis-Specific Serine Kinase
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Defense Industry Clusters in Turkey Cluster Name OSMI Defense Teknokent Aerospace and Aviation Defence Clustering Industry Association Cluster Cluster OSSA TSSK ACA Abbreviation Cluster Defense and Defense and Aviation and Focus Aviation Security Space Location Ankara Ankara Izmir Year 2008 2010 2010 Established Number of L60 (7500 70 37 Corporate Companies and personnel) 14 Academic Corporates 31 Companies (Over 60 members) Cluster Name Eskisehir Defence, Aviation Aviation, Cluster Space Clustering Association Cluster ESAC SAHA Istanbul Abbreviation Cluster Aviation Defence, Focus Aviation and Space Location Eskisehir Istanbul Year 2011 2015 Established Number of 32 30v Companies and Corporates
Data for sensory evaluation is reported for RUK and TSSK to compare unsalted rack dried Kimarawali with salted spiced solar dried Kimarawali.
Mainstream success has thus far eluded the Mancunian outfit - despite rave reviews and a loyal fanbase - but with TSSK, they've delivered their finest work and, at the fourth time of asking, world domination must surely be around the corner.