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TSSOPThin Shrink Small Outline Package
TSSOPThin Scale Small Outline Package
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5 10 Part Supply (V) Guaranteed Number Performance Package ADG1411 +12 (single); [+ or -] 5, [+ or -] 15 (dual) LFCSP, TSSOP ADG738 3, 5 (single) TSSOP
Both digital potentiometers are available today for samples and volume production, in 14-pin TSSOP and 20-pin, 5x5 mm QFN packages.
The MCP3302 is available in 16-pin PDIP, SOIC and TSSOP package options.
The 25XX320A serial EEPROMs are offered in 8-pin PDIP, SOIC, MSOP packages, as well as standard and non-standard (rotated) TSSOP package pinouts.
The AD7766 ADC is sampling now in a 16-lead TSSOP with production quantities available in the third quarter of 2007.
The AS1751, AS1752 and AS1753 are available in a 16-pin QFN or 14-pin TSSOP package and are drop-in replacements for MAX4751, MAX4752 and MAX4753.
The CS4270, which is available in 24-pin TSSOP package, is currently in volume production and is priced at $2.
The CS4361, currently in volume production, is available in a 20-pin TSSOP package and is priced at $2.
Both the CY28442 is available now and comes in a 56-pin TSSOP priced at $1.
3 V supply and comes in TSSOP and ultra small QFN packaging for space-constrained applications such as handheld and cell phone products.
Designers can choose from 175 specific configurations of temperature grades, lead-free and in-line package options in both 8-pin and 16-pin, including SOIC, TSSOP and SSOP.