TSSSTeam Sports Scheduling System (software)
TSSSTurner Syndrome Support Society (UK)
TSSSTop Secret Support System
TSSSTannum Sands State School (QLD, Australia)
TSSSTactical Simulator/Stimulator System (GNSS)
TSSSTrainer Stimulator Simulator System
TSSSTactical Software Support System
TSSSTactical SIGINT Support System
TSSSTechnical Support, Senior Staff (various companies)
TSSSToronto Sustainability Speaker Series (est. 2008; Canada)
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There was a statistically significant difference in all TSSs on the first and fourth day of patients who died and who survived (p<0.05) (Table-3).
By contrast, m6dA is preferentially enriched at transcription start sites (TSSs), in promoter, genic, and intergenic regions [53], and in the nucleosome-linker DNA with an A-T sequence motif in Chlamydomonas [36,53].
Physiological, anatomical, and combined trauma scoring systems (TSSs) are used to determine injury severity and to estimate death and handicap rates (6).
Our Scope: Total Management Solutions (TMS); Total Management Studies Consultations (TMSC); Total Safety Management Consultations (TSMC); Employee Health Safety "HSE"; Virtual Safety Expert; Total School Safety Solutions "TSSS"; Total Quality Management Consultations (TQMC); Total Quality Management Solutions (TQMS); Virtual Quality Expert.
One of them was Whitley Bay-based Think Safety Services and Solutions (TSSS), launched by health and safety expert David McKie last October.
To reduce the noise in the MEG signals, the spatiotemporal signal space separation (tSSS) method was applied [23].
(a) Map of the DNA methylation probes near the transcription start sites (TSSs) of the NEIL1 gene.
For the assessment of health risks arising from the indirect intake of heavy metals through the consumption of TSSs, target hazard quotient (THQ) was calculated in accordance to the methodology described by the USEPA.
NAA has been shown to significantly increase fruit yield, total soluble solids (TSSs), total sugar content, fruit color in Bing cherry, and vitamin C in guava fruits (IQBAL et al., 2009).
(16.) Lundh, M, Blom, T, Wackelgard, E, "Antireflection Treatment of Thickness Sensitive Spectrally Selective (TSSS) Paints for Thermal Solar Absorbers." Solar Energy, 84 (1) 124-129 (2010)