TSSTSTactical SIGINT System Training Simulator
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The TSST began with instructions to participants to prepare for a simulated job interview before an audience.
Additionally, we found no effect of session (TSST 1 vs TSST 2; [F.sub.1,72] = 1.2, NS), no effect of phase (baseline vs preparation; [F.sub.1,72] = 1.2, NS), and no interaction of session and phase ([F.sub.1,72] = 0.002, NS).
However, the TSST 2 baseline period was the longest of the four and presumably yielded the most reliable single estimate of RSA magnitude.
Entering left and right ACC volumes as predictors of TSST 2 baseline RSA magnitude in the second step of this model resulted in a significant increment in [R.sup.2] (0.49 to 0.58, incremental [F.sub.2,73] = 5.23, p < 0.008).