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Our TSTE model adopts some expressions in stochastic network calculus [34].
Lemma 1 is the necessary condition for the proof of Theorem 1, which is the core of our proposed TSTE model.
In this section a novel Time-variant Stochastic Trust Evaluation (TSTE) Model is proposed, as illustrated in Fig.
In order to show the computation steps of the TSTE model more clearly, we give the corresponding algorithm for each component of the model in subsection 4.1.1-4.1.3.
Algorithm 3 Trust evaluation algorithm on the timeline for TSTE model
* Based on the above TSTE model, the warning probability that a subject node on any other object node can be evaluated in a social network.
From the above analysis, the practicability of the TSTE model can be demonstrated.
In this section, the proposed TSTE model is analyzed by conducting a set of simulations in a social network.
A subject node is chosen, and the trust value processes and warning probabilities of other nodes in the network can be evaluated based on our TSTE model.
That is to say, based on the TSTE model, the misbehaved nodes can be rapidly and clearly identified by the warning probability.
(1) Based on the proposed TSTE model, we evaluate trust between every pair of adjacent nodes (i.e.
Moreover, the consistency of numerical and simulation results verifies the practicability of our TSTE model.