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In principle, two or more TSTI screws were inserted; when this was not possible, the TITS screws were set in combination with an IS screw.
The operative methods for posterior pelvic ring stabilization included 12 cases of 2- or 3-TSTI screw fixation only (Figures 3 and 4), 1 bilateral S1 IS and S2 TSTI screws fixation, 1 unilateral S1 and S2 IS screw fixations, and 2 bilateral S1 and S2 IS screw fixations (Figure 5).
reported that, after using TSTI screw fixation in 3 patients, the sacrococcygeal and pelvic incidence angles were reduced from 84[degrees] and 75[degrees] preoperatively to 58[degrees] and 56[degrees] postoperatively, respectively (reduction losses of 14[degrees] and 15[degrees], respectively) [10].
In cases involving TSTI or IS screw insertion only, the screw insertion time was approximately 10 minutes per screw.
In TSTI/IS screw fixation for zone III sacral fractures, at least two screw insertions (2 TSTI screws, or 1TSTI screw and 1 IS screw) are required, as the screws need to provide resistance against the vertical load shear force and the rotational force of the sacral vertebral body.
A 25-year-old man who was injured from a fall from a height underwent S1 and S2 TSTI partial threaded screw fixation for a Roy-Camille type 2 U-shaped transverse sacral fracture.
TSTI claims that Suzlon has failed to comply with its purchasing obligations for structural wind towers from TSTI pursuant to the 2008 supply agreement between the two companies.
TSTI has so far produced and delivered approximately USD88.6m worth of wind towers and the company claims that Suzlon has breached its contractual purchase obligations for 2010 and 2011 by failing to take delivery of its obligated number of wind towers during this period.
TSTI said that it remains willing and able to perform its obligations under the agreement.
Suzlon's remaining purchase commitment represents approximately USD412.5m of TSTI's total wind tower backlog of approximately USD929.5m as reported on 30 September 2011.
However, even that increase may leave the building industry short of tools for fixing its skills shortage, according to TSTI's Babb.