TSTVTime Shifted TV (IPTV service)
TSTVTactical System Test & Validation
TSTVTotal System Tactical Validation
TSTVTactical Systems Total Validation
TSTVTroy Schools Television (Troy, Michigan)
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Using AdPoint's Campaign Manager in conjunction with the TSTV solution gives operators the ability to dynamically insert a targeted ad into a requested piece of content.
Xport TSTV combines scalability, rights management, broadcast capture with 'live TV' redundancy, and an open architecture.
Don Shafer, General Manager of TSTV adds: `TSTV is an expert in direct response television marketing, as well as digital video production.
Done well, this can become another profitable opportunity for Torstar just as TSTV has grown as a contributor to our business.
Celebrating its second-year anniversary this month, TSTV combines direct-response advertising with timely news headlines, features and promotions from The Toronto Star.
David Samuel is currently senior vice-president of corporate development at Torstar Corporation, a broadly-based publishing company whose operations include The Toronto Star, Harlequin Enterprises & TSTV.