TSUBTransportation System User Benefits (Federal Transit Administration; US Department of Transportation)
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Na comparacao intergrupos (usam e nao usam o DE na pratica), a Tsub foi maior para os que usam (26,5%) e a Tsup para os que nao usam (49,9%).
As diferencas entre as taxas de Tsub (26,5%) e Tsup (43,4%) do grupo que usa o DE nao foi significativa (p=0,099).
Analisando as Tsup e Tsub entre os grupos (usam e nao usam), pode-se afirmar a existencia de uma inclinacao por superestimar indicadores clinicos, demonstrando um perfil mais liberal de classificacao, mesmo que nao sustentada na significancia estatistica.
The highest mean of TSUBS during the plantlet production cycle was recorded in the module covered with anti-UV LDPE + white (32.97 [degrees]C) during all the experimental period.
Modules covered with anti-UV LDPE + red ultranet and anti-UV LDPE + white net had higher association with the variable root length (RL; 16.5 and 17.9 cm), plant mortality (MT; 13.3 and 15%), shoot dry matter (SDM; 15.3 and 15.8 g kg-1), chlorophyll a/b ratio (Chl a/b; 5.7 and 4.4%), TSUBS (30.2 and 32.9 [degrees]C) and RH (67.8 and 68.7%) (Figure 2).