TSUETashkent State University of Economics
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/ Orkar Gbakyo va faafaa, / Va faafaa / Tsue wankwase / Tsue tsembelee.
Teaching with this perspective promotes the students' sense of uniqueness within their culture as a positive characteristic and enables the student to accept the uniqueness of other cultures (e.g., Tajfel & Turner, 1986; Tsue & Egan, 1992).
[13.] Tsue TT, McCulloch TM, Girod DA, Couper DJ, Weymuller EA, Glenn M.
Xayaveth - Kristin Tsue and Vinnie Xayaveth, of Eugene, a son.
Choi's husband of two years, Choi Man Tsue, emigrated to the United States.
Subject: The aim of the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment (TSUE) is to contribute to the overall environmental performance of cities in Europe.
Returning home he completed his daily tai chi form and then worked on his most recent martial skill, the tsue (cane) kata.
Tsue Eipi, a company jointly established with neighboring villages to make specialty products, has received a business proposal from a Tokyo department store.
(5.) One could mention here semi-scholarly accounts such as Yamamoto Satoshi's Oku no hosomichi jiten (Tokyo: Kodansha, 1994) and many accounts by writers, such as Ibuse Masuji's "Oku no hosomichi no tsue no ato." Even one Western writer, Lesley Downer, has made the trek, recorded in her On the Narrow Road: A Journey into Lost Japan (New York: Summit Books, 1989).
Shozo Tsue, head of the Japan Federation of Aviation Workers' Unions, expressed his displeasure with the bills, saying, "If we cooperate, we will become a target for attack.
James Bao-Yen Tsue is an electronics engineer at the Wright Research and Development Center's Avionics Lab, located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.