TSURETaganrog State University of Radio Engineering (Russia)
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(12) El tsure es un personaje de poca relevancia en las obras de Noh.
TSure, there are razzle-dazzle moments when everything comes together with a Bruce Forsyth flourish.
Laziness, hatched Foylkayt, on the nakedness oysgezest oyf hoylkayt of their manly strength, fun zeyer gevure, all the faces--one face, ale pneymer--eyn tsure, all the lips ale lipn sip zipn here, laughter, there a shout do gelekhter, do geshrey, until the day biz der tog, rolls like a wheel away from them.
Some fishermen (waki and waki tsure [secondary character's companions]) find a feather robe hanging from a pine tree which belongs to a maiden bathing in the sea.