TSWETest of Standard Written English
TSWETotal Shock Wave Effect (biochemistry)
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Table 1 supports the convergent validity between and among the specific test instruments reported in the student records, though not every record contained all tests (TSWE, ACT-EN, CLAST-ELS, and CLAST-ESS).
Test GPA CLAST-ELS CLAST-ESS ACT-EN TSWE GPA - CLAST-ELS .37 - CLAST-ESS .26 .29 - ACT-EN .41 .49 .32 - TSWE .37 .52 .32 .59 - Note.
Again, the overall correlations are not high, ranging from .26 to .41, and TSWE accounts for only 13.7 percent of the variability in GPA.
Though certainly more encouraging than the solo TSWE's 13.7 percent, this predictive validity was not as strong as was anticipated.
of t CLAST-ELS .03 .28 1.66 .09 CLAST-ESS .03 .01 3.23 .01 TSWE .01 .01 2.04 .04 ACT-EN .03 .01 4.17 .01 Intercept .47 Note.
Assessing unexpected differential item performance of female candidates on SAT and TSWE forms administered in December 1977.
A re a dikomiti di tswe mo go beeng fela mo phirisong ya matlo a boroko.
Morafe wa Ghanzi Legare bone ba ne ba supa fa ba batla gore mo ngwageng ono wa madi, madi a bone ba agelwe ntlo ya ditso gore e kgone go ba solegela molemo le gore ba kopa gore ntlo ya ditiro tsa diatla (BEDU) e kgologolo ba e neelwe, e tswe mo khanseleng gore ba kgone go e dirisa sentle.
Lephata la madi le tlhabololo itsholelo ba eme ka dinao go lwantsha diemo tse di ka dirang gore madi a puso a tswe ka 'phatlha tsa menwana.
A re go aba go tlhoka gore go tswe mo botennye jwa pelo.