TSWGTechnical Support Working Group
TSWGTactical Standards Working Group
TSWGTrack Safety Working Group (UK)
TSWGTransportation Safety Working Group
TSWGTowed Systems Working Group
TSWGTechnology Safety Working Group (US Army)
TSWGTraining Support Work Group
TSWGTest Support Working Group
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The 6x35mm TSWG cartridge was developed with a specific and specialized purpose in mind.
Their clients now have the security of knowing that their systems are supported by TSWG, one of Australias oldest Fintech firms with more than 30 years committed to servicing the fiscal services arena in Australia and New Zealand.
It is an important question for TSWG, a federal agency tasked with finding technological solutions to terrorist threats.
During a TSWG Users Workgroup, the OSINT Cell Leadership stated that USCENTCOM OSINT Cell could not meet information reporting requirements without the aid of FMM.
Although R & D funding continues to be primarily sponsored by DOD, TSWG has grown over the years to include active participation in more than 80 federal programs in 11 cabinet-level departments and 8 independent agencies.
TSWG meets frequently with the agencies--Secret Service, FBI, CIA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and more than 30 others--to determine what they need in the way of technology to meet terrorist or other public safety threats.
TSWG, along with a consortium of agencies and businesses that includes Cisco Systems, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Weston Technologies, has been developing a cryptographic module based on the SLS (Secure Layer Session) protocol that meets the requirements of the AGA standard.
TSWG, sponsored by the Combating Terrorism Technology Support Office, will present specific high priority needs of the combating terrorism community, a preview of the R&D requirements targeted for funding, and BAA release timeframes.
The device was developed with an initial DARPA grant and several rounds of TSWG funding and guidance.
Interagency presentations outlining planned acquisitions (BAA's) by TSWG agencies for current and budget fiscal years.