TSYThe Selvedge Yard (pop culture website)
TSYTusayan (Amtrak station code; Tusayan, AZ)
TSYThe Sophomore Year (band)
TSYTechnology Systems (Bellcore)
TSYThe Satellite Year (band)
TSYTelephony Subsystem
TSYTryptone Soya Yeast Extract (food microbiology)
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Cocuklarda TSY kullaniminin artmasi nedeniyle cocuklar acisindan bu yontemlerin yarar ve zararlarinin dikkatle incelenmesi sonderece onem tasimaktadir.
Bu nedenle, pediatri hemsirelerinin holistik bakim anlayisiyla TSY uygulamalarinin yararlari, potansiyel riskleri hakkinda bilgilerini artirmalari onem tasimaktadir.
lari (32) calismalarinda 12 olguya ikili tedavi (3 milyon U/m2 INF-[alpha] haftada 3 kez, RBV 15 mg/kg/gun,) 10 olguya ayni dozda yalniz INF 12 ay boyunca uygulamis, TSY ikili tedavi alan grupta %50, tekli tedavi alan grupta %30 saptanirken, KVY oranlari %41,7 ve %30 tespit edilmistir.
Much of the variation in TSY was associated with PSM, with a phenotypic correlation coefficient, r = 0.
As with PSM, the pooled response for TSY was significant for TE selection, but not for NTE selection (Table 2).
Neither C/D nor local selection had an effect on TSY in I79DT, MO2, and PLS4 [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1B OMITTED].
Genetic changes in TSY closely paralleled those observed in PSW of WO11.
Interactions of selection effects x harvest year in Oregon were significant for plant height in the MO2 population and for TSY in the PLS4, WO11, and I79DT populations (Table 1).
Two cycles of local selection in each of the four populations did not increase TSY in Oregon, and three of the four populations had a negative response (Table 2).
Shortly thereafter, TSY released its fourth-quarter report, which included funds from operations ("FFO") of 36 cents per share after adding back principal amortization on capital leases.
Trustreet, traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol TSY, provides a complete range of financial, real estate and advisory services to operators of national and regional restaurant chains.
and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker TSY.