TSYThe Selvedge Yard (pop culture website)
TSYTusayan (Amtrak station code; Tusayan, AZ)
TSYThe Sophomore Year (band)
TSYTechnology Systems (Bellcore)
TSYThe Satellite Year (band)
TSYTelephony Subsystem
TSYTryptone Soya Yeast Extract (food microbiology)
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People from lower classes are often named sarambambem-bahoaka ('struggling people'), and there are different sub-terms such as vahoka tsy mandady harona (literally 'people who don't crawl on the basket'), mahantra ('poor' or 'afflicted') and maskiny ('little people').
aureus: Staphylococcus aureus SCCmec: Staphylococcal Cassette Chromosome mec SD: Standard Deviation SPSS: Statistical Package for Social Sciences TMP/SMZ: Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole TSY: Tryptone Soya Broth WHO: World Health Organization.
For example, as we will see, not all participants in the Moscow strel'tsy revolt of 1698 confessed to having any connection with the disgraced Tsarevna Sophia even though the investigators generally claimed this was the case for all the defendants.
Cocuklarda TSY kullaniminin artmasi nedeniyle cocuklar acisindan bu yontemlerin yarar ve zararlarinin dikkatle incelenmesi sonderece onem tasimaktadir.
Emerson offers this guide to integrating body work into the practice of psychotherapy by incorporating yoga, specifically Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY), an approach geared toward nonjudgmentally re-introducing the client to bodily sensations.
PA P TSY ATSY A Kensit says she is still "aKensit says she is still "a hopeless romantic" - despite having been married four times.
The notoriety of the most important of these maroon 'kings' as they were known is embodied in the names of the very mountains that they inhabited in the eighteenth century: In the mountainous caldera known as Cirque de Salazie, a name possibly Malagasy in origin meaning 'good encampment', there is the Piton d'Enchaing, called after a famous maroon leader Anchaing; also Mafate, the name of a famed Malagasy sorcerer; and the peak within the massif of Piton des Neiges named after the legendary maroon 'king' Cimendef, who is said to have taken his name from the Malagasy tsy andevo, 'not a slave'.
ADAMANT PA NT P TSY ATSYA (Race 1) should have too much pace for his rivals in the puppy event.
tsy (the popular online vintage sales site) producing all manner of cutesy homespun bits of Folksy little Manchester was something of a 14th CenturyEtsy (the popular online vintage sales site) producing all manner of cutesy homespun bits of Flemish weaving.
Delegation of Chinese Central Military Council External Relations Office headed by Tsy Govei visited Kyrgyzstan on August 14-17 on invitation of Frontier Service Command.
Serum ALT degerinin normale donmesi biyokimyasal yanit, hem HCV-RNA'nin negatisesmesi hem de serum ALT degerinin normale donmesi tedavi sonu yanit (TSY) olarak degerlendirildi.
(19) Not coincidentally, the most desirable trait in a wife, cited primarily by older people, is someone who "does not leave the door white" (tsy fotsy varavarana).