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TSoDThe Science of Discworld (1999 book by novelist Terry Pratchett)
TSoDTsumura Suzuki Obese Diabetic (mice)
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Similarly, a significantly lower daily food FI was shown by mate-administered TSOD (Table 1).
Table 1 Effects of mate on parameters and weights of body organs in TSOD mice.
Mate-administered TSOD group showed a lower BG level than the corresponding TSOD control group, measured on 0, 2, 3.
In the ipGTT, mate-administered TSOD group showed significantly lower BG levels than the corresponding TSOD control group 60 and 120min after the initial glucose-load (462.
6), indicating improved insulin sensitivity in mate-administered group compared to the control TSOD.
After 7 weeks administration-period, the fasting blood serum of mate-treated TSOD showed a significant decrease in BG compared to the corresponding control (161.
The fasting blood serum of mate-administered TSOD showed a significant decrease in triglycerides (TG) compared to the vehicle-group (113.
The histological micrographs of WAT showed a large number and aggregates of small fat cells clearly distinguished in the mate-administered TSOD (B) compared to the control (A), as represented in Fig.
Microscopical magnification Adipocyte cell number TSOD Vehicle Mate l00 mg/kg At 10x 75.
Liver specimens of both TSOD groups showed fat vacuoles that are classified mainly as microvesicular, where the cytoplasm is replaced by bubbles of fat that do not displace the nucleus.