TTABTrademark Trial and Appeal Board
TTABTravel and Tourism Advisory Board (est. 2003)
TTABTetradecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide
TTABTumor Tissue and Biospecimen Bank (University of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia, PA)
TTABTourism Tax Advisory Board (Utah)
TTABTechnical Training Acceptance Board
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She also used @SEXSTROLOGY as her Twitter handle, but the TTAB noted that using a term as part of a Twitter handle does not necessarily evidence trademark use for a particular set of services.
26) If the examiner determines that the mark does not satisfy the requirements, an applicant can appeal the decision to the TTAB.
Further appealing to the Federal Circuit, Tam argued that the TTAB erred in finding the mark disparaging and that section 2(a) was unconstitutional.
In interpreting [section] 2(b), both the TTAB and the Federal
Pro-Football, Inc, 1999 TTAB LEXIS 181 (Trademark Trial & App.
The list of absurd and contradictory decisions of what constitutes a scandalous or immoral mark by the TTAB, the Federal Circuit, and other courts is long and not entirely reconcilable.
The TTAB affirmed a decision by an examining attorney of the U.
91) The TTAB granted the injunction, even though the plaintiff did not use the mark in the United States, because "purchasers of applicant's cologne would incorrectly believe that said product was approved by or otherwise associated with the Wimbledon tennis championships and that allowance of the application would damage opposer's rights to the mark.
The Trademark database also includes new deadlines listed in TTAB Institution Order.
This month Aspen Publishers (New York) released "Guide to TTAB Practice," a two-volume loose leaf set that carries guidance for practitioners appearing before the Trademark Trial an Appeal Board (TTAB).