TTAGThe Truth about Guns (website)
TTAGTexas Tuition Assistance Grant
TTAGTransportation Technical Advisory Group
TTAGTreasury Terrorism Advisory Group
TTAGToilet-Trained At Gunpoint (anal retentive)
TTAGToledo Timebusters Agility Group
TTAGTrinidad and Tobago Air Guard
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Grant opportunities such as TTAG (technology transfer), TAAC (trade adjustment), and others can help defray the cost of creating better processes and training workers.
TTAG provides financial assistance to Arkansas-based companies in specialized projects, ranging from software customization to technical consultations.
The TTAG program is meant to help Arkansas companies develop or improve products or processes "through the transfer of technical solutions to technology-based, industry-driven problems," according to ASTA.
ASTA invested $2,500 through the TTAG Program for the preparation of a research proposal for submission to the National Institutes of Health.
The TTAG program provides funding to defray costs associated with technology transfer and implementation.
Beginning this month, businesses can apply for TTAGs, individual grants with a maximum value of $3,750, to help cover costs associated with the transfer of technology from an approved provider to an Arkansas company.