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TTAPTWG (Tactical Working Group) Tactical Action Plan
TTAPTribal Technical Assistance Program
TTAPTrust Technology Assessment Program (National Computer Security Center)
TTAPTest Technology Area Plan
TTAPTiger Team Action Plan
TTAPTechnical Training Audit Program
TTAPTraining Technology Applications Program
TTAPTelemetry Technical Analysis Position
TTAPTransmission Tank Air Pressure
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A key feature of the TTAP Center is five virtual Centers of Excellence that provide expertise, best practices, and training in highway asset and data management, planning and program management, project delivery, safety, and operations and maintenance.
Assisting tribes with implementing innovations is a priority of the TTAP Center.
The TTAP Center also is developing a national Tribal Roads Scholar certification program geared to maintenance workers, equipment operators, and road managers.
The TTAP Center is the new point of contact for tribes' training and technical assistance needs," Peters says, "with a cadre of experts and resources available at your fingertips.
Mirroring national transportation policies, LTAP and TTAP are focusing on four key areas: safety, infrastructure management, workforce development, and organizational excellence.
To reach diverse audiences efficiently, LTAP and TTAP centers rely on their ability to leverage their combined resources.
We make sure LTAP and TTAP staffs are aware of the latest materials available.
Improving efficiency and doing more with less, that's the heart and soul of the clearinghouse and LTAP/ TTAP," says Black.
At the heart of the Colorado TTAP program is the Tribal Roads Scholar Program, a series of workshops presented three or four times a year.
According to Hall, TTAP is not only improving tribal transportation planning and management; it is helping to improve relationships among the tribes and with local BIA agencies.
Despite the successes, the Colorado TTAP and other regions need improved interactive telecommunications capabilities.
At their regional meetings in spring 1997, LTAP and TTAP center staff brainstormed about associations with which they might want to form partnerships.