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TTBDThrough the Back Door (Rick Steves book)
TTBDTick and Tickborne Disease (parasitology)
TTBDThiamine Tert-Butyl Disulfide
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The impact of TTBDs will continue to increase in many parts of the world including Indian subcontinent.
The progressive evolution of resistance of ticks affecting cattle to almost all of the available acaricides has frustrated the efforts of cattle producers to manage TTBDs affecting their animals.
It has been estimated that the global cost of controlling ticks and tick-borne diseases (TTBDs) in cattle is between US$ 13.9 and 18.7 billion annually (2).
De Castro (3) estimated the global costs of ticks and tick-borne diseases (TTBDs) in cattle between US$ 13.9 and US$ 18.7 billion annually.
Recombinant tick vaccines, therefore, could be targeted for control of TTBDs. The development of existing tick vaccines and their effect on the targeted vectors and pathogens has been reviewed (17).
This genome data will provide information about many aspects of tick biology and will enable the identification of unique tick genes and physiological process that could be exploited for TTBDs control.