TTCADTrade Team Canada Aerospace and Defence (Canada)
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Accordingly, at the latest Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TTCAD) in 2008, former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) sought to outbid what China has to offer by pledging $4bn of soft loans, doubling of grant aid and technical cooperation over the next five years.
(25) Following the global economic crises and despite the new domestic priorities in the wake of 3/11, the Japanese government has reiterated its Gleneagles and TTCAD TV aid commitments to the continent and has even made further pledges of ODA increases (in 2009, for instance, the government undertook to speed up the disbursement of $6 billion out of the $10 billion pledged at the G8 in grant and loan assistance).