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TTCCToontown Corporate Clash (multiplayer online game)
TTCCThe Technical Cooperation Committee
TTCCTransnational Crime and Corruption Center (American University)
TTCCTapply Thompson Community Center (Bristol, NH)
TTCCTennessee Technology Center at Covington
TTCCThe Top Careers Club (Poland)
TTCCTravel Training Career Centre
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TTCC, TTCA, TTAA, TCCA, TCAA, and CCAA were labeled as the high-risk group and the others as the low-risk group.
"We want Queensland's students to be the best they can be, not lumbered with the extra paperwork of the past like it was under the LNPs TTCC.
This announcement delivers on Labors election commitment to work with higher education providers and develop an alternative to the TTCC that eliminates the need for tertiary students to carry an extra card to access concession fares.
TTCC assists in providing training and access to capital, so that members can have their own livelihood projects.
TPC = [w.sub.1] * TMC + [w.sub.2] * TTC + [w.sub.3] * TMCC (11) + [w.sub.4] * TTCC + [w.sub.5] * TSCC.
[w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], [w.sub.3], [w.sub.4], and [w.sub.5] are weights of TMC, TTC, TMCC, TTCC, and TSCC, respectively.
TPC = [w.sub.1] * TMC + [w.sub.2] * TTC + [w.sub.3] * TMCC [w.sub.4] * TTCC + [w.sub.5] * TSCC.
In (14), [w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], [w.sub.3], [w.sub.4], and [w.sub.5] are weights of TMC, TTC, TMCC, TTCC, and TSCC, respectively, the value of which is limited in {0, 1}.
[9] have developed the Takeda Three Colors Combination Test (TTCC), an easier and quicker screening test for dementia.
[9] did not discuss sensitivity of the TTCC for mild cognitive impairment (MCI).
ISLAMABAD -- The third meeting of Transit Trade Committee (TTC) of Transit Transport Coordination Council (TTCC) of Economic Coordination Organization (ECO) started on Monday.
Once finalized by the Insurance Committee, the ECO White Card Scheme will come into force as soon as approved by the TTCC. An Extraordinary Meeting of the TTCC, will be held for that purpose immediately after the Insurance Committee Meeting on July 21, 2008 in Tehran.