TTCTTorrance Tests of Creative Thinking (aptitude testing; scholastic testing)
TTCTTactical Team Coordination Training
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The ceiling effect seems to suggest that most students obtained high Fluency scores on the TTCT. Additionally, the two groups' levels of drawing skills may be similar because the VTTCI model did not require strong drawing skills and did not allocate practice time in the sessions other than the first introduction class.
The TTCT test does not require special academic skills or technical execution of drawings; therefore, there was no need to exclude these children.
Tests de pensamiento creativo de Torrance (ttct): Elementos para la validez de constructo en adolescentes portugueses.
Can we trust creativity tests?: A review of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT).
The result showed that teaching creativity model increases creative teaching skills according to TTCT elements (fluency, originality, flexibility and elaboration) in the teachers [7].
Una vez obtenido el consentimiento escrito, firmado por los padres o tutores legales, asi como el asentimiento del nino, se aplicaron dos instrumentos: el Test de Matrices Progresivas Escala Coloreada y General (Raven, Court, & Raven, 2008) y la prueba de figuras del Test de Pensamiento Creativo de Torrance (TTCT), Forma B (Torrance, Ball, & Safter, 1992).
Primers were obtained from Integrated DNA Technologies (Coralville, IA), The primer sequences were as follows: Tel 1: 5-GGTTTTTG AGGGTGAG GGTGAGGGTGAG GGT-3'; Tel 2: 5'-TCCCGACTATCC CTATCCCTATCC CTATCCCTATCC CTA-3'; 36B4u: 5'-CAGCAAGTGGGA AGGTGTAATCC-3'; 36B4d: 5'-CCCA TTCT ATCA TCAA CGGGTACA A-3'.
The Torrance Tests for Creative Thinking (TTCT) targeted specific traits including fluency, flexibility, originality and problem solving.
Relativamente a criatividade, os resultados no TTCT do grupo experimental mostram diferencas significativas no pos-teste (F(1) = 10,80, p < 0,01) devido a melhoria na dimensao da Fluencia (F(1) = 3,85, p < 0,069).
In light of the recognized importance of that battery, the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking (TTCT), Figural Form, based on the Brazilian adaptation (Weschler, 2004), was selected as the model for construction of the Brazilian instrument for evaluation of creativity in children, called the Test of Creativity in Children's Drawings (TCCD).
Concurrent validity of CT and other tests like TTCT and VAT with other measures is between 0.30 to 0.54 (Khamse, 2006).
Torrance (1966, 1974) creo el TTCT basandose, en parte, en el concepto de produccion divergente de Guilford (Kaufman et al., 2011; Kaufman, Plucker, & Rusell, 2012), siendo el instrumento mas conocido y utilizado para la evaluacion de la creatividad (Cropley, 2000; Davis, 1997; Kaufman, Plucker, & Baer, 2008; Kru mm, Lemos, & Aran Filippetti, en pren sa).